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 Neo's picture posting guide!

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PostSubject: Neo's picture posting guide!   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:38 pm

Hey guys nothing special here just a guide on how to post a picture onto the forums. I will edit this topic later and make it more fancy but its 1:36am at night right now and im tottaly wasted.
Also im making a summoning video guide that will be uploaded to youtube Very Happy it will be fancy as hell! trust me.
and I am eager to use some html coding I learned in school throughout this guide! Very Happy so bear with me

Ever wondered how to post a picture like the one below?

Well today is the day you learn how!

Step 1. Well first off your going to need to upload your image to a image hosting website.
Some free Image hosting sites are: (If you recommend a site post a reply with the name and i'll add it to this list!)
1. Photobucket! Click <a href="">here</a> to be taken to this site!.
2. Imageshack! Site= No registration required
3. Tinypic! Site= No registration required
4. Guys tell me other sites you recommend!

Step 2. Getting your picture uploaded! *I'm using Photobucket for my example!*
1. Create and account!
2. Log in!
3. Create a new album! (After logging in you'll see in the middle of the screen "add new album" near Recent Albums or something)
4. View Picture Below.

Step 3. Getting the IMG code (Once again this is demonstrated using photobucket.)
1. After you have created you album and uploaded a picture or picture(s) you need to click on them and get their IMG code.
2. Hope fully this picture below explains this good enough...
3. Now usually on photobucket if you left click into that IMG code box it will automatically copy it for you but i usually just highlight and copy it on my own to make sure I copied it.

Step 4. The Moment of Truth!
1. Now that you've got your IMG code your ready to show the world your epic drop or PK or.. something 0.0
2. Paste the IMG code under your words or the location you want it.
3. Picture example:
The above ^ example will end up looking like the picture below once posted.

Finnaly THE END!
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PostSubject: Re: Neo's picture posting guide!   Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:10 pm

Nice guide for beginners, Its kinda easy but good for someone who just started farao. You spent some time on that guide :O..
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PostSubject: Re: Neo's picture posting guide!   Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:23 pm is pretty good, takes you straight to page to upload, get images in like 5 seconds
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PostSubject: Re: Neo's picture posting guide!   

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Neo's picture posting guide!
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