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 King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide!

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King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide! Empty
PostSubject: King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide!   King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2010 9:58 pm

King black dragon guide!

King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide! 2ln7p7a

First off i wanna show u the gear...
King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide! 9a03kj
I Recommend this set because the dragon use magic/melee and it will hit badly on karils and then use protect from MELEE, then it will hit 0 on hes melee attack!.

Where is KBD?

King Black Dragon(KBD) Guide! 33elu91

[PK PLACE WATCH OUT, I have not met any people yet so hurry kill KBD before its a HOTSPOT for pkers!]

Vengeance [After vengeance is cast, the next time damage is inflicted to the player/npc, up to 75% of that damage is also dealt to whatever hit the player]
Donator [You can use morrigans axe they can hit VERY HIGH -You can buy donator for 7.5 USD! With many features as FULL GWD, PvP Armour and Zones!!]