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PostSubject: Updatelogs.   Updatelogs. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2010 5:29 pm


30 January 2010
Added PVP World with perfect PVP Timers, working on BH World with targets.
Height = 2(secondary mapdata).

29 January 2010
Added TeleBlock saving. If u logout and then back in ur still tbed if u got tbed after u logged out.

26 January 2010
Barrage + blitz formula recoded. If u wear staff u hit with barrage  33 and with blitz 29. So +3 damage with staffs.

23 January 2010
Fixed wilderness ditch. Safe zone added.
Mage Bank new pking spot, east dragons removed. All mage bank glitches fixed.

21 January 2010
Godwars Chambers added with fully killcount and NPC's + drops. It's donator only and dragon claws changed to non-donator.

17 January 2010
New client launched. Our new update = New hp bars Smile.
BoB finished, added it my way.

14 January 2010
Almost full summoning and started BOB feature at Pack Yack.

12 January 2010
Added KBD, Fixed Corporal's spawning place(Like real RS now, go level 33 and go in the cave!).
Level 33 then talk to the Indian he teleports u to Corporal(just temporary had glitch with cave).

06 January 2010
Fixed NPC DCing, Started on Beast Of Burden feature.

01 January 2010
Fixed Quest Tab alot + added AutoCasting!

27 December 2009.
Added following + Added Jad at level 33(North east of Bounty hunter, new pk spot commonly), teleports u to cave when u kill it and u get rewarded with a firecape. And now u can't spawn firecapes.

25 December 2009.
Fixed Corporal drops(Drops better now). Added Gargoyle to donator's place they drop PVP items and

22 December 2009.
There have been several new updates today, some of them important, fully declared donator status, every pvp item is now donator+. and pj timer has now been changed to 5 seconds.
Also bought a new VPS, 2 GB RAM!

Monday 21 December 2009.
New Client Released :
Added Clanchat, Removed clanchat after 2 hours caused lagg at 20 players like everyone said.
Added New ::Yell Command

20 December 2009.
Fixed all PVP item bonuses.

Thursday 17 December 2009.
Added staffzone & donatorzone
Added new donatorsystem
Made spirit shields have less magic bonus and karils
has made to less mage bonus too.

Wednesday 16 December 2009.
Fixed Corporal, New Spawn place because we have no mapdata of the original place.
Added ::ban, ::jail, ::unjail commands etc.
Added ::Hair, ::chest ::skin ::legs
Made ::Getpass (username) if lost passwords.
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